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S Chavez

S Chavez in the Book Hole

A Little More About Me

Since my daughter was born, I've tried to give her good fatherly advice. As these thoughts came into my head over the years, I wrote down the ones that made the most sense to me and to those around me.

The day she graduated high school, I gave them to her in the form of a hardback book titled, "Let Me Give You A Little Advice." When she graduated college, I gave her the second volume, "Oh, And One More Thing." If you're interested in either, I'm working on putting them in an affordable publishing format. The first ones weren't cheap and I don't think it's fair to charge too much for something like this.

But even though she's all grown up and flown, I still find deep thoughts flying around my head so I decided to make this webpage. I hope you find these insights to be half as enlightening and helpful in your life as I have. But just in case you don't, please don't tell me. I'd rather live with my illusion of wisdom.

- SC

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