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Perfect Perception

Some people say that a beautiful day is sunny and clear with blue skies, 71°, and a light breeze kissing the treetops. Others claim a perfect day consists of cold, cloudy skies with light rain or snow gently falling outside and a crackling fire at the hearth. There are those who wish for nothing more than the smell of freshly raked leaves in the front yard as they hold a cup of fragrant hot cocoa on a crisp fall afternoon. Still, others want their perfect day to be a mashup - cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon, and rainy at night so they can have it all. The point is that there's no one way to see perfection. That goes for people too. Their perfect perception is most likely different than yours. So next time you see that odd couple walking down the street hand in hand, be happy for them because they are seeing their perfection even if it isn't yours.

- S Chavez

Four Seasons One Image also applies to people as well



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