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A Man’s Musings on Age

painting of an old man in a hat walking away with his arms behind his back, a thought for the day, a man's musings on age, s chavez

When I am old, I will have a smile and a twinkle in my eye for everyone I meet. My hair will be a swirling circle of wispy white cloud with a sunny smile shining through. The wrinkles on my face will recall days of emotion and laughter.

My teeth will always shine brilliantly and my breath will be sweet. When I go visiting I will wear a faded plaid suit with memories of bright, sunny days stitched in to the seams. Children will see me coming and know that candy will soon caress their tongues with sweet ecstasy. They will also know that before I leave they will learn another new game.

I will always be a pleasure to have in any home. As I enter the house, I will bow and the wind will ruffle my hair as if greeting an old friend. I will entertain with stories of friends spanning decades and a lifetime of skills will serve me in good stead. My nose will twitch when I think. All the children will copy me and all the mothers will consider me adorable. I’ll never be by myself during the holidays.

I will be as great a listener as I am a storyteller. People will want to talk to me and confide their secrets in me resting safe with the knowledge that I’ll never tell another soul. People will listen when I speak, but I won’t always lead. I’ll be a leader in my own quiet way...I’ll teach a child.

Yes, when I am old, I will have a smile and a twinkle in my eye for everyone I meet. But what no one will never know is that the twinkle that they love so much was made by a tear.


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