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Don’t Worry, Your Time Will Come

When I was little I was not very good at sports and people would laugh at me for my lack of coordination. They insulted me for my inability to catch or throw. I was almost always the last person to cross the finish line, but my parents believed in me and said, “Don’t worry, your time will come.”

As I grew and started to develop, others made fun of me because I grew differently from them. They spread false rumors about me which hurt, but my parents still believed in me, encouraged me to keep going, and just said, “Don’t worry, your time will come.”

I worked hard and persevered, armoring myself against people’s insensitive cruelty and growing stronger. Then one day, someone important and respected by all called my name in front of all those who had laughed and jeered. I was lifted up and placed above all of them. Their laughing ceased. My parents smiled at me and said, “See, you didn’t have to worry. Your time has come.”

So when you feel as if the world is telling you you're not good enough, just keep going.

Work hard. Persevere. Grow strong. Don’t worry.

Don’t worry, your time will come…

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