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Sure, Let's Get a Puppy

A rambunctious puppy looking for trouble and fun

We used to have a pretty lawn

Its grass was always green

The envy of the neighborhood

And something to be seen


A fire pit for our movie nights

Gazebo for the sun

Open space for playing games

Swimming pool for fun


But then we brought a puppy home

And thought it would be good

To fill the space inside our hearts

As only puppies could


But what the shelters fail to say

About your new addition

Is puppies have their own opinions

When it comes to submission


Pooping on your entry rug

And peeing in your boot

Nipping with their needle teeth

And thinking that they're cute


And then they grow, they don't stay small

But still inside their brain

They think they're still adorable

And everything's a game


Let's eat those flowers

Dig those holes

And gnaw on wheelbarrow tires

Let's make sure nothing's watered

By chewing sprinkler wires


And training time's a daily fight

We tell them sit and stay

Instead of doing what they're told

They promptly run away


But at day's end when sun is gone

My sadness on the rise

My puppy wanders up to me

And looks into my eyes


And then as tender as can be

It gently licks my hand

Then cuddles close up next to me

And drifts to slumber land


I look upon that ball of fluff

Release anger and sorrow

Well, maybe the puppy's not so bad

...We'll try again tomorrow

Steve Chavez


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