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Where Is True Value Found?

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As per the norm, I was listening to music as I took my five mile walk this morning. My smart phone shuffled from song to song until the jaunty instrumental of a Gershwin classic flowed into my ears. I mentally sang the words to myself as the melody played.

“I've got rhythm,

I've got music,

I got my man,

Who could ask for anything more?"

That got me to thinking. Chances are, if you're reading these words, you have a computer or smart phone. That means you can probably afford some luxuries in your life and most likely aren’t worrying too much about where your next meal is coming from. Odds are that you live somewhere with a soft bed to sleep in, food in the refrigerator, and clothes in your closet.

So many of us have so much in our lives and yet so many of us are still unfulfilled. A lot of people these days rely on “retail therapy” to restore their sanity never realizing that happiness wasn't in their wallet or purse at all, but patiently waiting to be finally recognized taking residence in their hearts and souls the entire time.

While the things we buy in stores and online can be fun to look at and hold, they're just things. Things that collect dust.

I hate dusting.

While every once in a while, people get lucky and an object can fetch a high dollar mark if sold, the real value in things we surround ourselves with is the memories and sentiment that are attached to them. The thing that makes them a real treasure is that every time those memories come back to you, they shake the dust off themselves, polish themselves up to a bright shine, and allow you to go experience those singular emotions all over again. The best part is that unlike a thing that can get broken by accident or burn up in a fire, they remain fresh and evergreen. Memories are indestructible as long as we hold on to them. And while they hold no monetary value, a good memory is priceless to the one who holds it or, even better, shares it.

So go ahead, buy those collectibles. There’s no downside in owning them…except maybe having to dust them. But become an avid collector of good memories and if they're attached to the collectibles, so be it. But when you are dusting and polishing them, take the chance to revel in the value not just of the physical objects, but the shining and immortal memories that come with them.

- S Chavez


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