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Which Way Will Your Winds Blow?

As I was walking this morning there were brisk Santa Ana winds. As the strong breeze blew into my face, I mused to myself that it made me feel like I was going faster than I really was. Then I considered how pilots always hope for a tailwind because it actually does get them to their destinations faster. That got me to thinking about how people live their lives.

Some invest their time in goals that won’t bring them much attention immediately, but will actually bring lasting results in the long run. Others, on the other hand, settle for the false impression of already having reached those goals by purchasing fancy cars, clothes, and possessions that they really can’t afford. One brings the illusion of achievement while the other brings real satisfaction.

I can’t say that I haven’t fallen prey to fooling myself by walking into the wind, making myself think I was going faster by putting on airs from time to time, but I have found that allowing the wind push me into being myself, both the good and the bad, has brought me more peace.

So the decision each of us has to make each day is, in your life, which way do you want the wind to blow?

- S Chavez


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